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Your Childs First Visit

Before the First Tooth

Bring your child with you to YOUR dental cleaning visits, to allow them to meet the staff and become comfortable in the office.  Then when it's their turn, they will be comfortable with the environment.  If your child comes to view the office as a friendly place, they won't be anxious about coming for their first exam.

We can often offer a brief examination at that visit, when the child seems interested in what's being done to your teeth.  At this point there's no pressure if they aren't ready yet.




Tips for a Positive Dental Visit

Schedule your child's first visit between the arrival of the first tooth and his or her first birthday.

If Possible, schedule a morning appointment when children tend to be rested and cooperative.

Stay positive!  The dentist will help to keep your child's teeth healthy; keep to yourself any anxiety that you might feel about dental visits.

Never bribe your child to go to the dentist or use the visit as a punishment or threat!

Finally, try to make your child's dental visit an enjoyable outing.  Teaching your child good oral hygiene habits early can lead to a lifetime of good dental health.



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